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The Wood The Song

Power Folk, Modern Acoustic, Spiritual, Meditative; all become great descriptors for Beth’s unique music style. This contemplative acoustic recording: THE WOOD THE SONG gives the listener a chance to move within the instrument’s haunting timbre, resonating with luminous complexity. Playing a combination of Taylor, Guild and Ovation guitars, Mandolin and flute, Beth’s obvious first love is the guitar. She has been fondly called, Guitar Witch for mastering her craft with non-traditional combination fingerstyle / flat pick technique.

Beth is joined by an exceptional percussionist and producer Marion Najamy, who brings awe-inspiring Middle Eastern hand drumming to the recording, creating a unique and exhilarating sound. Honoring us in this recording: Dan Tressler with distinctive fiddle, Gregory Hauck with beautiful tenor vocals, and Grekim Jennings base player and recording engineer extraordinaire.

We entered this project with the understanding that this was to be pure acoustic. No synthetic sounds, only what can resonate from wood, steel and skin. This recordings mixture allows each instruments tones of subtlety to stand on their own and vibrate ones soul.


“I hear an angel’s voice, EC Bradley is multi-talented with a God given gift she chose to master within her life. Her music carries me to another dimension in time and space. I love what messages are within her songs and can be applied to each individual’s needs in life.” – Margo

“EC Bradley’s ‘The Wood The Song’ is a lovely album on many levels. Her songs and arrangements have depth without pretense. There s a sense of warmth and calm to her voice and the backup ensemble adds tasteful musical elements. The recording itself, engineered by Grekim Jennings, is clean and airy … just right for this all-acoustic CD.” – Walt Graham, WSHU/WSUF AcousticConnections

“Soulful, tender singing with amazing guitar playing and percussion, EC Bradley’s first CD, THE WOOD THE SONG, is, in a word, beautiful. Her playing and singing are passionate and smooth, the instrumentation imaginative and delicate. The well-executed percussion adds depth and resonance. This is music that appears simple, yet is complex and imaginative in construction. Looking forward to further releases from this fine artist.” – Jacqueline Greenfield

“Beth’s music warms my heart with the calm and excitement of having a drink after work on a Friday evening.” – Tom Sedlak

Notes to Bethlehem

“In truth, Christmas draws us not so much to a distant cave among ancient dwellings of Bethlehem; rather we are being drawn into the sacred chamber of our hearts, where the dark of the winter night is illumined by the silence of pure wonder of what we see.” – John B. Giuliani

Traditional folk instrumentals from around the world realized in new arrangements with rhythms that fuse Blues, Jazz, Celtic, Island and Middle Eastern traditions with gentle contemporary acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

Includes two vocal tracks ‘All through the night’ & ‘A Song for Christmas.’


“EC Bradley songs and arrangements have depth without pretence. There s a sense of warmth and calm to her voice and the backup ensemble adds some very tasteful musical elements. The recording itself, engineered by Grekim Jennings, is clean and airy … just right for this all-acoustic CD.” – Walt Graham, WSHU – WSUF Acoustic Connections – Walt Graham – WSHU

“EC Bradley has a way with the guitar and her lyrics are beyond meaningful. She knows how to produce songs that make the listener yearn for more. She is no doubt going places!” – Jamie Boss, Hot Strings Guitar Shop

“Received the CD’s from Marion Najamy yesterday and couldn’t wait to get into my car to listen to the new compositions. Marion had let me hear a short preview about a month and a half ago, and I was totally blown away! What a wonderful mix of the new and old compositions. I have been a St. Nicholas historian all of my adult life and celebrate the Spirit of Christmas 365 days a year, so I found your selections totally inviting. While listening, I sometimes felt like I was in an Old New England Village many years ago, and other times felt like I was walking on the cobble stone streets of Ireland. Marion’s drum selections in “Riu Riu Chiu/Gaudette” were awesome, and my favorite selections were “A Song For Christmas” and of course “Silent Night.” Thank you so much for this very special addition to my Christmas selections. I purchased seven other copies to give to very special friends who I know will appreciate your creativity and hard work. Have a Blessed and meaningful Christmas and a prosperous and healthy, 2008. Fondly, Art Ciccarelli” – Art Ciccarelli

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